Art Layers (sub layers in the timeline)

Would really love to have an option for all Art layers visible under the Drawing Layer (could be a expand icon or hitting twice T would open thumbnail and then art sub layers).

It’s so easy to draw in the “wrong” art layer by mistake, and being able to see the actual current selected art layer (line art, color art) in the timeline would be super useful!

Specially with the Thumbnail mode activated on a layer, this would show the art sub layers frames too which would be a lot better and have a nice overview of the sub layers…


[Drawing Layer]

(L = line art & C = color art sublayers with thumbnail mode)

Coming in v16.0.1 ? :wink:

You got the tech in place already, just show the sub layers in the timeline (with collapse expand or hitting T twice or always visible for example…)…
Don’t hold on this until v17 please, just do it asap, thanks.