Art created in Harmony 14 renders terribly in Harmony 15

All this artwork recently created in Harmony 14 (and rendered fine) now won’t render in the Camera view the way it’s supposed to look in Harmony 15. What did I do wrong? Is there a way to update the pencil and brush strokes or something? Soft brush strokes render as black and textured strokes render as black. There are vertical streaks in places. Using a Wacom 27" with a late 2013 Macbook Pro. Same issue happens after restarting both Harmony and the computer. I attached a camera view and perspective view screenshot of an apartment scene i’m trying to set up.

I installed High Sierra. Same issue. What would I have to change in the OpenGL preferences? Higher caching number? I’m afraid it’s the graphics card. I thought that would be lag issue or something anyway, not a distorted images.

Looks like a typical Intel graphics rendering issue. Have you checked/changed the OpenGL preferences yet? Are you running the latest MacOSX with updated Intel drivers?