No Animate 3 to Animate 3 Pro cross grade special!

Hey Joofville,

A one line rant, i like it :smiley:

TB seem to be doing a 60% deal on something every day these days, I’m sure they’ll do you a deal.

By the way - I took the plunge all the way to Harmony in the end, spending many happy hours playing with deformers n stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey Jason.

I’m also thinking about taking the Harmony plunge as well. Been chatting to Philip about it. Harmony being the 2D industry standard and that stuff.


Heya matey - been using Harmony for some serious hours on commercial work, and it’s brilliant. Soon got in the swing of deformers, seems pretty stable on my iMac, render times and general workflow is greatly improved. I also purchased storyboard Pro and that’s a real time saver. In fact i can’t believe how i lived without storyboard pro in my workflow!!!

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Hey man, I just cross-graded to Animate Pro (took advantage of the special), can’t really afford Harmony at the moment. I’m struggling to understand the network view, can you recommend a quick tutorial to get me on my feet?