Arrgh... I am Copy and Paste issues

Okay lets say you are on a layer that you have drawn a circle on, now let say you copy that circle drawing, and then paste it. Why does the copied circle not go into the same exact location it was copied from???

This works in almost all programs out there, why does it not work in Harmony?

If this does not work is there a coordinated palette so I can move the repasted drawing in the exact same location?

You can see in the screen shots I’ve included once pasted it is slightly off.

You can move the pasted item for the original position by clicking alt + left arrow, up arrow. It’s not pasted at the same position because normally you would duplicate a drawing, a line, etc., to place it somewhere else. If it’s on the same position it won’t be easy to select and it would actually be “invisible” because it’s on the same exact position of the original art.

Note that if you copy art from one layer and paste it to a different layer it will be placed on the same exact position.

Luis Canau