Arranging Workspace

Hi everyone,

Obvious noobie but when I try to adjust the size of my timeline (pull up on it for example, using the north/south arrows with the dual horizontal lines cursor) it either occupies the whole workspace (removes Camera view) or doesn’t change the timeline at all. Shouldn’t I be able to adjust it to whatever size I want (50%, 75% etc…) like I see in the tutorials, or is it all or nothing?


What you’re doing is right, grabbing and moving the black, disappearing double arrow on the top edge of the view window. And clicking on one of the up or down triangles on the top edge is what should expand/close the view. Sorry I don’t have a solution for you.

Hi Joestaltler

Make sure you hold the mouse cursor at good distance from the up/down-open/collapse triangles when you try to adjust the size of the windows.

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Thanks guys,
After more adjusting, I figured it out. Still the funnest learning curve ever.


Just as a note on this one that sometimes it will limit how small you can make one of the partitions, if it has a minimum size for that window. Also, if you dock many tabs together, then you won’t be able to minimize that section to be smaller than the names of all the tabs.