Arranging bodyparts etc throughout different 'character' views

I’m really stuck here. Anyone able to help?

I have created a character set of drawings for front, 3/4, side and back.
The character is split up and I am about to start setting pivots.
However -
In some views, I want (for example) the left leg to be ‘behind’ the pelvis, but on other views, it needs to sit in ‘front’.

After looking through the forums I finally managed to get the ‘arrange’ function to work and have been moving pieces of the character backwards and forwards in the Z axis, however, the Z positioning applies to all the cells and so I do not understand how to fix the problem. I am guessing that it would need to be keyframed to be in the correct position?

Either use pegs which can be keyframed or make separate rigs for each orientation.