Arrangement trick?

Hello, I have a question about the layer arrangement.

I have a character completely broken down to pieces for rigging. I have it in five views, front, profile, back, etc. which means that depending on the view, each character layer contains five cells. Now looking through five views of the character as a whole I can spot some differences. For example if looking at the front view, shoes of the character placed at the front where I expect them to be, but If we go to the ‘back’ view where the shoes should be covered by the pens we will see that they are at the original place as in the ‘front’ view.
Now if I want to use ‘arrange’ it wont work in my case as all the parts of the body are on separate layers and if I want to use nudging it will move the object where I want it to be in one cell but it also moves the same object on the other four cells.
My question is: Is there a way to nudge the object only in one cell of the layer?
If not, does it mean that I need to create five separate groups of layers for five views of the character and place them in a ‘stepway’ so I could use them as a symbol and switch between the views in a single timeline?

Full of hope

Work just as needed, thank you Lilly


Applying keyframes to nudged images. Is that soething you do when making a puppet template or only after dragging puppet into main animation?

If I do ad keyframes to nudged cels in the puppet template will it interfere later on when animating the puppet? Do I skip that layer when adding keyframes to the first frame of all layers as the Getting started guide says?

I’m a little nervous about screwing it all up

You need to animate for the nudge to work.

Later on you can create further animations on top and it will remember the nudge as part of the animate cause it is already keyframed.

If you nudge the object with the transform tool while the Animate button is on, it will create a keyframe for that Z value. You could create a keyframe on the frame that is good by hitting F6, then go to the frame and nudge it with the Animate button on, and it shouldn’t change the previous frame.


Always a good idea to have keyframes on ALL your drawings for your master template so that they always come in at the right position. Whenever you’re creating a master puppet, at the end you should collapse the whole thing and then hit F6 to put a keyframe on everything. This is in the rigging stage, before you animate.