arrangement of objects


I have a question about elements that may be in front of an object to
start and then as other objects move, the first object then moves to the

For example, I have a guy holding a fishing pole in his left hand so
the fishing pole is a child of the hand. Then when I pull the fishing pole
backwards, the fishing pole disappears behind the body because the body is
a parent to the hand. How do I keep the pole hidden for the hand as well
as not disappear when he casts the fishing line out and then reappear when
the line is cast? I hope you understand what I am asking.

Another example, I have a guy behind some swinging doors. He then walks
thru the doors, and when he comes thru the doors, he is still covered up
by the doors because of the arrangement of the elements in the beginning
of the scene. What do you think I can do to keep this from happenning?

These two backgrounds are from the templates in the library. The one is
the fishing dock and the other is the workshop.

Thanks for any advice you may be able to give me!!

The layering of objects is controlled by the layer order in the timeline (as you saw) but also by the F/B (front/back, also called Z) value.

You can bring a drawing forward or backward with the select or transform tool by holding down the Alt button. The best way to do this is by small increments by using the up and down arrows while holding Alt.

In your case, you can bring the hand or the fishing pole depending on the desired result.

thanks. I will try that.

anyone else have an idea here?