Arrange workspace into two displays

I have two different size displays and I’de like to optimize my workspace into them, for example, the main one for the camera/drawing/perspective view and timeline and the basics, but in the second one I need the tools properties and color and nodes and all that good stuff. But every time I detach the views and arrange them into the other monitor and safe the current workspace, after quitting all the windows gather into the same display.

Im using Harmony for Mac.

yep, this issue remains near the very top of my complaints about harmony (i’m using on a mac too, dunno about windows situation). i’ve whined about it on these forums before. don’t know why they won’t fix this, kind of ridiculous that professional software like this can’t retain the panel positions. harmony is the only software that i use that can’t seem to get this right. it’s even worse – happens even if you don’t quit the application, just open another project – BOOM – panel positions lost. shame on toonboom for allowing this giant QA mistake to persist after years of being aware of it.

There is a solution to this.

  1. Arrange your two monitors the way you want.

  2. Save the Workspace under a special name, ( I include something that indicates it is a dual screen workspace FWIW).

  3. Here is the key=> Whenever you open the program drag the Welcome Screen to the secondary monitor before opening or creating a project.

My saved dual monitor workspaces always open correctly in Animate Pro 3 and Harmony 12 on my two Mac systems.

interesting, o0Ampy0o. thank you for the tip, sounds simple. i will give it a shot and if it works i can “live with it”. you should compile a blog or something of these solutions that you provide in the t.b. forums, you seem to really have your finger on the Harmony heartbeat.

i have saved multiple custom workspaces, but i haven’t yet seen/tried this welcome screen trick.

i’d guess that the problem persists, though, if you open a different project with one already open, unless it locks in and remembers the panel locations at that initial launch.

despite your noted solution, the fact remains that Harmony is still very expensive, high-end, elite software that should perform, well, in perfect harmony (sorry) with a modern, multi-display system, without these sorts of secret operator shims. Toonboom should at least “fess up” and have some kind of official knowledge base list of these sorts of bandaid solutions until they are properly resolved.

will report back with my own experience as soon as i can. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the gratitude.

I agree dual monitor support is overdue. The blog is a good idea. I have used questions posted in this forum as a catalyst for my own crash course learning the software. I figured I might not encounter many of these situations for years if ever on my own but I could expand my understanding of the software if I figured out solutions to other user’s problems.

As for keeping things in order once you initially open the software using a dual screen workspace:

To open an existing project once the program is open:

  1. Access the main interface menu bar from the secondary monitor

  2. File => Open

…This will open a window that sits on the secondary monitor just like after you have dragged over the Welcome Screen.

It pays to keep your files organized using a consistent system. You will have to search for the folder on your system otherwise.

  1. Locate the folder of the desired project file.

  2. The file you need is within a folder named with the project name. Inside this folder you will see two sharing the name. I am running 12.1.1 which still referred to the standalone version as “Stage.” I suspect the project files continue to end with “.xstage” One is the backup and has a tilda “~” Open the other.

This file locating sounds complicated but in practice it is not so bad if you use a consistent system to organize your projects. My Open defaults to the space on my system where I store all of my projects.

To create a new project once the program is open:

  1. Access the main interface menu bar from the secondary monitor

  2. File => New

…This will open a window that sits on the primary monitor. Drag it over to the secondary monitor like you did with the Welcome Screen.

  1. Name the new project and select details following the typical procedure with any new project.

  2. Click Create and the new project will open properly utilizing the dual screen format.

Well thank you sir. That actually worked for my. It is still obnoxious doing the secondary monitor part, but I can live with that.

Wow, thanks for this tip. It fixed one of biggest complaints in SBP.