Arrange option

Is there an ‘arrange’ feature anywhere? Of course, it’s how I’ve learned to work quickly, even in rough, so that I can adjust where something’s positioned.

I’d love to think I just can’t find it since, otherwise, I don’t see the point of offering Group if there’s nothing to do with the group.

Thanks so much!

Any further news?

Your suggested work around does work nicely. Still. It’s a work around. It’s - at least for me - quite unnatural to put my sketches on separate layers.

I’m going to start another topic for another question about another presumably simple feature, but you’ll see why separate layers FURTHER don’t work for me when it comes to onion skinning.

Hmm I don’t see the Arrange option anywhere. Let me double-check with the guys tomorrow.

As a quick and dirty trick, you can always cut and paste and whatever you paste will appear on top of everything else.

Or you can separate the different drawings onto different layers to adjust their order.


I’ve added this as a feature request.