arrange file

the problem i,m having is with the arrange file,when i wan,t an image moved to the front or rear i use the arrange file to do this,the thing is, it doen,t do any thing, i went through the help file, thought i did what was needed to transfer a image to the front or rear,
got nowear. could use some help on this. thank you

The easiest way would be to plug your element in ahead of the others in your composite ( left is higher if your settings are default)

if you want your object to move forwards or backwards you can animate it along the Z axis. You can do this by selecting the object with your translate tool. Hold alt and pressing the up and down key for forwards or back.
you can also open your coord. and control points menu and type into the Z axis box, or you can animate using the top view to move things front and back.

are you using standard or pro?

Are you trying to arrange drawing parts inside the same layer or on different layers?

i,m using animate 2 for my drawing, i tried it with the same layer, and different layers,i drew an image then installed a background which was on top of the image,I gave up trying to get the image in front.

Generally the way to order layers is simply to drag the layers up and down to change the order. However be carefully not to parent child them.

If you move in the z axis this overwrites the layer order unless the 2 layers are on the same z axis.

I do this sort of thing in my very first tutorial on youtube.

Using the bring to front/bring to back tools apply only to the drawing your working on. This means if you draw a line. Then draw another line it appears on top, but you can select just that line and use those tools to move it behind. When you do this you will never be able to change the order during animation so generally you work on new drawing layers for each new element.

thanks for the infomation,i was going in the wrong direction when using the arrange file. i did what you suggested and changed the order of the layers,workes great,finally got my drawing on top of the background.thanks again