Arm rotation will not properly tween

Can anyone help me with this problem? I want to move a character’s arms up and down using a peg. I put the blue target on the joint and made a frame segment where the arms go from lowered to raised. But when I look at the frames in between, they break away from the body and go all over the place. The first and last frames look fine, and the middle seems to be on a different rotation then the one I applied.

It sounds like you never set the rotational pivot point. That is the green pivot point that is set using the Scene Ops rotation tool. The blue pivot point that you are using is temporary and only stays at that position while the transform tool is selected. If you were having to reposition the blue pivot point to move your arm as desired that indicates that the permanent pivot point is at a different location. That is what is most likely causing your erratic rotational tweening.
In animating you first set the green pivot point and the blue pivot point will automatically be set to that identical location then only in instances where you need to change the rotational pivot point temporarily you will move the blue pivot point. You never want to move the green pivot point once you set it prior to doing any keyframe animating. -JK