Arm Movement Advice

Hi everyone,

So, I’m testing out animating my rigged character and and this point I want my characters arm to turn so the hand is coming toward the camera and move around to the other side.

The bones I have work well for basic bending animation, but here I want the characters arm to actually turn towards the camera as it turns.

I’m not opposed to frame by framing the animation. But if I did that, it would likely have to be a duplicate of the arm on another layer that animates frame by frame, then have it disappear when it’s done, right? Or is there another way to do it?

How do you guys handle this kind of movement?

Blending techniques like you suggested would give you the highest quaility in results. The method you suggested is good, or just had a heap of drawing subs on the arm.

I would prob frame by frame it on a new layer, maybe add speed lines or something

Okay, thanks guys.