Arm - Exercise of flexibility

I saw one of Adam’s tutorials and decided to do this exercise for training the arm flexibility.–o

Please, what do you think?
All comments will be welcome!


Looks ok to me. Maybe could use a little smoothing out, but you should make it a little longer so we can really see it?

I think your arm hyperflexs a bit (but you may of intended that).

Looks like you got it working easily :smiley:

following new link to video a little longer:

you’re right! I really wanted the arm to do that.

I’m sorry…but I do not understand what you said here:
"Looks like you got it working easily"

You mean I’m doing with ease?
Please, could you repeat with others words?
Forgive me for work… :-[


Looks good to me Tzar!

I just meant you had no trouble following the tutorial and getting it working yourself.

Now I understood. Thanks a lot!
I already said it here, it doesn’t easy to learn Toon Boom and English the same time…

Here’s another link.

This was the tutorial of the bird.

Thanks guys!