argh trouble need help!

Hello people,

I’ve imported a tiff sequence but they’ve all been positioned low of where they should be in the composition. Is there any way I can move all of them at once? Or is there a reason for it to do this?


Hi Martin,

If you have imported tiff in the same element simply using the select tool of the sceneplanning tool should allow you to move move the whole sequence.

Though I am not quite sure what happened in your project. Would it be possible to provide a screenshot and a more precise description of the situation.

Thank you,


Thanks Ugo,

Well I managed to recover the situation a bit by moving the image in side view into the camera range. I’m still very baffled though because I will want to be moving different sections of the animation as seperate elements that can be overlapped onto other parts of the timeline. Another problem I have is that when in side view I can move things around ok until I want to zoom in and then no other tool ever becomes selectable until I restart the program.