Are ToonBoom Animate and Animate Pro files compatible?

Hi everyone, I just bought a copy of Toon Boom Studio and am already considering upgrading to Animate, as other animators are using Animate in the project I’m working on and TB Studio files are not compatible with Animate as far as I can tell. Some animators are using Animate and others are using Animate Pro. I think I can manage to afford upgrading to Animate but just don’t have the clams for Pro. Are there any workflow issues or incompatibilities between Animate and Pro, or are the project files between the two applications compatible? Obviously I wouldn’t expect Animate to be able to do effects and such that only Pro has, but what about the more basic stuff? Thanks for any help, so far I’m really impressed with the Toon Boom products, wish I’d found them 10 years ago when I was starting out as an animator!

Take a look at Lilly’s comments in this thread and you’ll find your answer:;action=display;threadid=3455;start=msg16431#msg16431

Thanks, that is exactly what I needed to know!

Here’s a comprehensive list.