Arabic(right to left written languages)

How can I set Storyboard pro 7 to display Arabic letters( or any other right to left written languages) correctly?

Hello hooosam,

You can have Storyboard Pro 7 display right to left written languages correctly by setting your language to a right to left language in your OS settings. Storyboard Pro 7 is set to match OS preferences, which means setting your keyboard to Arabic on Windows 10 (for instance) will allow you to type right to left.

The only exception right now is export to PDF, which will revert back to left to right. However, we know that right to left is a highly requested feature and we are working on things internally to improve this feature in the future so that we can fully support projects created with a right to left style.

I hope this answers your question to the fullest it can be answered!


Almost a decade ago I tried Toonboom Storyboard to export a PDF or bitmap rendered version of my storyboard. It had problems exporting codepages other than Latin based languages. I can’t believe it continues lacking the same ability even now! (Storyboard Pro 7 version 17.10.1)

I don’t know if there is a feature request hub or not.

By changing codepage and font settings in the export dialogue, I managed to change the face of ‘??? ??? ?? ? ???’ text onto the actual letters, but in the reverse order and disconnected. It is not setting the RTL (Right to Left) markers in the destination PDF file for Arabic, Persian (Farsi) or any other right to left written texts. I used to be a developer and I believe when the software is supporting utf-8 or any other unicode standard, it won’t be a big deal to set the exporting modules work properly.

Please someone tell me how to request a bugfix from the development team.