Aquiring an Scan from an Epson Scanner

Hi all,

I don’t know if this has been addressed in V.4 or not. I’m running the latest version of TBS and have an Epson Perfection 1650 scanner with the most current version of the TWAIN drivers for it.

When I create a new image element and create a new cell, I right click on the cell and choose import images → from TWAIN and nothing happens. When I choose import images → choose TWAIN source the dialog box that pops up has nothing to choose from, it’s blank.

My OS is mac OS X (10.4.10 – all the current security updates and software updates) and I uninstalled and re-installed the Epson TWAIN drivers and still have the same issues.

I am able to do scanning from within other programs no problem.

Any clues or suggestions?



Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 / OSX 10.4.10

Well, I am using an “Epson Perfection 1670” with the “Scan-Driver 2.73”.
On my old iMac G4 (PPC) all was working perfectly.

Since I am using an iMac G5 (Intel) I can’t import and vectorize directly,
the “Select Twain Source” window is empty.

I am not sure, but I presume since the Twain-Driver is still PPC, it just can’t find
the scanner, even “Rosetta” doesn’t help much here.

I had the same issue with Photoshop CS3, no direct import via the scanner.

I can scan any document directly with the scanner-software into my “intel-mac”,
and then use the images from there, no big deal, works perfectly.


Thanks for the reply, Nolan. I’m using scan driver v. 2.77a – and on the download page it says that it should work with intel Macs.

So I guess it’s up to epson to actually come up with an universal binary version of their TWAIN drivers.

Thanks again,


Yeah I don’t think it’s a Mac issue, I’m on a PC and I also have an Epson printer. I forget the model, but it’s OLD. I get the same deal as you two if I try to scan straight into TBS, but as Nolan says, I just scan with the Epson software, save the image & then import into toonboom.