Approved and tested Graphics Cards

Mathieu or Ugo or any forum members,
Is there a list of Windows XP approved graphics cards for use with TBS v3.5.1 build 99? We need to replace the graphics card on one of our PCs due to a ram corruption issue on our existing card, and we would like to purchase a graphics card that will work well with TBS as that is our most demanding graphics application on that PC system. We probably would want a dual display card like a Radeon™ 9250 PCI 256MB Graphics Card. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We have no specific brand preference, we just want a card that will work compatibly with TBS. Thanks in advance -JK

Hi JK,

More related to Cinema 4D but you might find this link a little informative:


Hi JK,

I am not currently at the office but it usually goes this way.

1. Go with Nvidia if you can, the software is using a lot of the OpenGL functions and you will be able to use all the feature of the software with such a card. ATI is also a good brand but if you opt for it you will need to run the application in Direct3D, hence not having access to the OpenGL Full Scene Anti-Aliasing.

2. For Nvidia card always go in the second half numbers from a serie. This mean that if you are to take a 6000 or a 7000 serie go for at least 6600 + or 7600. The upper half of a serie is usually more stable, this also mean that it is more worth it to get a 6900 then a 7200 or a 7300. The same would applie for Radeon so always go for the highest number in the hundreds.

If you want specific cards let me know and I will see with the testing department as soon as am I back to the office.

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Greatly appreciated. We chose a Nvidia GeForce 7600GS. -JK