Applying effects directly to the layer

Dear all,
how can I apply an effect directly to the layer with a drawing?

When I select a layer I want to add an effect to, the effect appears as a separate layer at the very bottom in the timeline, so I have to scroll down and then drag the effect to the layer at the top. It’s very problematic when I have many layers and need to find them every time.

I don’t have this problem when it comes to adding a peg. It automatically connects to the layer. The rest of effects like glow, cutter, kinematic output appear as a separate layers.

Please, help,

What level of Harmony are you speaking of?

I have Premium and effects are added using the Node View however you can add Kinematic Output through the Timeline drop down menu.

Have you tried pre-selecting the layer then choosing the Add Layers “+” drop down menu from the Timeline View?

When I do it this way the Kinematic Output, for instance, is applied to the pre-selected layer simultaneously making that layer a subordinate to the Kinematic Output as it is added.

According to the User Guide this is how it is done in Advanced and Essentials (both use the same method):


"Adding Effects

In Harmony, you can add effects through the Timeline view, connecting them to your drawing layers and then adjusting the parameters until you achieve the look you want.
OpenHow to add effects in the Timeline view

=> In the Timeline view, select the layer on which you want to add an effect. <=

<i>Do one of the following:</i>

‣ From the top menu, select Insert > Effects > desired effect.
‣ In the Layers toolbar, click the Add Layers button and select Effects > desired effect.
‣ From the Timeline menu, select Insert > Effects > desired effect."