Apply transformation to several keys?


Is there a possibility to flop a part of an animation in the timeline (not all the animation)? I would like to know if I can animate a character jumping from the left foot onto the right one, then duplicate these keys and invert this part of the animation to make the character jump back.

Is there a button like “apply transformation to several keys”?



The way to do this is to copy your range of cels in the timeline and then
Menu->Edit->Paste Cycle (or paste reverse). For cut-out characters you need to make sure that the structure you are copying from matches exactly the structure you are pasting into. This includes names, positions and if the peg or elements are expanded or closed.

Thank you for this solution, kriz.

But, is there a function to apply other transformations to just a selection of keys? For example, if I created a developped walk cycle (the character does not moon walk on the same place, but he is going foreward) and I wanted to defer the second cycle to start there where the first one ended. You’ll say that I should do this with a masterpeg, but is there another way to apply transformations to just a range of keys which really affects the keys?

Thank you,


Hi Stefroque,

To do this I would create a sequence of animation taking a single step and then loop it using the cycling. For a cut-out walk cycle you need to remember is made of many things, including keyframed positions; there should always be a keyframe at least at the start and end of your sequence.

Of course you can choose to cycle a subset of your character. Generally what animators do is to create “action templates” - Common single actions of a rigged character that can be dropped onto a master template and looped as needed but this is a fairly advanced concept. Again the important part is to have the template match in structure what it is being droppped into.