Apply "Remove Extra Strokes" to all frames?

Hello. I am using Animate Pro 2.
Right now I am trying to make an animation clip, which has 100 frames drawings.And I will cleanup my rough sketch with brush tool and I will use cutter tool to delete extra lines, so I need to use “Remove Extra Strokes”.

So I want to ask , is there any way to apply “Remove Extra Strokes” to all 100 frames at once? Seems “Permanent selection” and "Apply to Multiple Drawings"does not work with this optimize command, and I can’t assign shortcut key to Remove Extra Strokes, and there is no custom toolbar button for it. Should I need to execute this command manually, one frame after another? If so, It’s really time consuming.

There is flatten and remove extra strokes which uses the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F

I know it, but I don’t want to flatten.