Apply embeded pivot on parent peg broken in harmony 15.

There seems to be an issue in 15 if you use embded pivot peg on parent peg.

If you extend exposure without putting down a keyframe, the whatever object you have will move to that spot as if there is no apply embeded pivot peg connected to it. However if you F6 and put down a keyframe, then erase the keyframe, then it acts as usual.

I made a video about it in the image link, cant link video directly since forum seems to be blocking all links right now.

If you copy and paste this link into your browser it will go to the video. :slight_smile:

Ah cool thanks.

Here’s a 2nd video with only two drawing layers to simplify the explanation:

Hi vrexus,

Thanks for the video, it really helped see the problem in action. I have passed this information to the R&D department and they will look into it.



Nice thanks!

Hi, is there any news regarding that matter? I’m having the exact same trouble with the new release of harmony 15.1 in addition, deformers “reset” to their resting position without getting any keyframe on the timeline. And this happens only with certain drawing element in the puppet.
Same temporary solution of adding a key ( F6) and deleting.
Thanks for your help