Apple Installation

I have a Mac
Hi, i recently downloaded Toon Boom Studio v3.0 and am having some difficulties installing it. When i open up the TBS3.0 file i see a file that reads Setup.exe so naturally i want to setup this program so i click it. Once clicked i soon get a popup saying Open Dictionary-unable to read the dictionary of the application or extension because it is not scriptable…i hit OK when i am given another popup saying The document “Setup.exe” could not be opened. Script Editor cannot open files in the “Script Editor Document” format. This is where i am left stumped on what to do. I have a Mac Powerbook, all requirements met to have the software, but have no idea why it wont just install, HELP!

Well, I presume you have downloaded the Windows-Version (exe).

For Mac please try the Mac OSX-Version. This should be a Disk-Image (dmg) after downloading.


well i did bittorrent it so when i downloaded it i just assumed it would work for OSX too, but i guess it was just the Windows version. i didnt do a good thing