Apple deprecating Quicktime for Windows, recommending users uninstall

Not sure where to put this. Apparently Apple is discontinuing security updates for Quicktime on Windows. There is an urgent call from Trend Micro to uninstall Quicktime for PC due to security vulnerabilities already exposed, a sentiment which is echoed by Dept. of Homeland Security. I know Harmony requires QT for exporting. Is this going to be a problem?


As long as they use quicktime it’s never good idea to do a movie export unfortunately (quicktime export introduces gamma shifting as its glitched and was never fixed, with quicktime being abandoned on windows). Furthermore i’ve had times where i’d export out a sequence and due to number of effects used to generate the image it would fail to render a final movie file and just produce nothing (the renders took over an hour both times for a short 30 second sequence).

Is there really still no solution for this?

I don’t bother with movie export. Do a png export via render write nodes for the frames, then export out audio seperatly with video unchecked, then combine it in premier.

Yes, that’s certainly a workaround for export … assuming you’re happy to introduce all those extra steps into your workflow :wink:

But I still can’t import sound without Quicktime installed - it just imports as a flat soundwave with no preview audio. What I ended up doing was installing Quicktime minus the ‘Player’ part, which seems to have done the trick as I can now import sound and export movies again. I think (though don’t quote me on this) that the vulnerability is with the Quicktime Player itself, so this should be a safe workaround to install everything BUT the Player.

I really would have expected to see a proper solution from ToonBoom by now though - it’s been many months.

It’s been 7 months. Any word on a fix/patch? Getting a little behind on my workload…

Glad someone else was just as concerned.

I’d also like to know what’s going to happen with this, I’m very concerned. In my personal experience, Toon Boom 11 (not sure about 12) would not play back any sound in the timeline without QT installed, so having to uninstall it would present more problems than simply just with exporting. I depend on this program for my livelihood, but now I’m very worried about the security of my system.

Yes, I completely forgot about that. Actually I’m not even sure if QT was mandatory for exporting but it was this sound issue I was thinking of. When I installed Harmony 12 I declined to install QT because I thought I either already had it installed with iTunes or at least had the codecs. Everything worked fine until I encountered that issue where sound would not playback in the timeline (maybe even problems importing sound files? can’t remember). Installing QT fixed it. Anyways I haven’t uninstalled it yet…but it’s quite concerning.

Take your cue from the Hitchhiker’s Guide, and DON’T PANIC!

Just because one source tells you the world is going to end doesn’t mean it is true. To be at risk from this, you’d have to perform a number of very silly and stupid steps, which I very much doubt ANYONE’s dumb enough to do.

Unless an distrusted source sends you a Quicktime file, the risk is very low.

For a touch of reality, read

However, Quicktime on Windows died years ago. A very stupid move on the part of Apple, and it will only entice competing products to fill the void on Windows. And Harmony should STOP USING QUICKTIME in the next version. Done and over with - let’s move on.

According to the following, all you have to do is visit a malicious web page or open a malicious file:

Would be nice to know if a patch is on the way that would make TB software run properly without Quicktime.

Very concerned as well. Any word from the developers as to how this will be resolved? I never liked Apple anyway, so I’d much rather Harmony utilized a different graphics and sound library.

I’m also pretty concerned, and also a bit frustrated given I had to fuss with my computer just to get QuickTime installed in the first place (I’m on Windows10). With this issue, I’d rather not have QuickTime on this machine anymore; really hoping an alternative comes up or we get some sort of patch. Not being able to use sound or conveniently export video really kills my ability to work with TB.

Edit: I sent a message to support. Hoping to hear an answer soon on what they plan to do about this.

I’m on Mac so the issue doesn’t effect me for now (although QT is surely dying and Apple is holding a pillow over QT’s face as it gasps and struggles … ) .

However, this is a big issue for Windows users … a student wrote:

“I uninstalled Quicktime and it interfered with the rendering option in Toonboom Harmony. It doesn’t let me render anymore, it just doesn’t work when I click the thing.”

When he uninstalled Quicktime it also uninstalled the compression codecs that Harmony needs to render to a movie . But is Harmony actually dependent on using QT to render or is it just looking for the missing codecs ? Would installing a package of compression codecs fix the issue or must it have Quicktime to render ?

I’m not worried per se, just really kinda confused as to why Toonboom settled on the one movie format that’s just not all that great on Windows. Even before this security issue, QT and MOV on Windows system has always been a miserable experience.

I think it is true that Quicktime is also being phased out on the Mac. Apple has been replacing Quicktime with AV Foundation, first on iOS and then on Mac OS., That is what Apple is devoting their attention towards while phasing out Quicktime.

Since AV Foundation is Objective-C based and meant for iOS and Mac OS, it probably can’t be used for Windows? I don’t know for sure.

It seems that uninstalling Quicktime can have some weird consequences for Adobe apps , too.

“Adobe warns that uninstalling vulnerable QuickTime for Windows can break Creative Cloud . Windows users who also use Adobe Creative Cloud software might be stuck with vulnerable QuickTime software on their systems for quite some time.”

Dear Customers,

Right now our RnD department is analyzing the problem and looking for an alternative.
Please, note that if you decide to uninstall Quick Time from your computer, our products will continue working but not at full capabilities.
The settings regarding video and audio will not work, for example you will not be able to export to movie or import sound.

We are working on finding the right solution.

Thank you for your understanding
Best Regards
Marisa Labrador
Director Technical Support

Really? That is how you think home users, companies and schools should approach this issue? Don’t be an idiot and everything will be okay? User intelligence comes in a wide array, companies and schools will have a hard time controlling users while allowing this codec to be used.

This is a terrible way to approach software security and one that not justifiable. You can’t be sure how or by whom the software will be used but blaming the user is not a responsible approach to software security.

First and foremost, Toonboom should care about the security of their software and they should care about the security of their users as far as they can.

My hope is that ToonBoom will have a solution, one in which they expand the codecs they use.

We’ll be watching…