apple color picker

hi, I used to work on toon boom studio and was very happy to use the apple standard color picker that the software used. now in animate, I’m a little confused using the animate color picker, i’m sure it’s fine for many, but i’d love to be able to keep using the apple color picker which i find more convenient. any way of doing that? many thx - pierre

There isn’t a way of going to the Apple colour picker, but I can give you a few tips on how to use this one.

By default when you load up the colour picker, it’s got R from RGB selected, which puts Red on the top, and the other colours on the bottom. I find this a little counter-intuitive for a user, so what I like to do is I like to click on the radio button to select V instead, which stands for Value. What that does is it puts the lightness-darkness on the top slider, and then the colours on the bottom, which makes a lot of sense to me.

Pretty much any of the HSV work really well - Hue at the top lets you click on the top slider to adjust the colour, then you’ve got the saturation and value area at the bottom. S let’s you select the saturation at the top, then you adjust the value and the colour at the bottom. Then my favourite V for value lets you select the value at the top, then you get hue and saturation at the bottom.

There’s also a multi-wheel mode, but I find that mode like an information overload, so I usually just work in single mode.

Hope this helps!