Applause to JK

Sometime a couple of days ago JK eclipsed the 500 posts mark on the Toon Boom forums.

JK is an inspiration to all who post here, responding so fast that I sometimes wonder if he has a pager that goes off whenever a question is asked. His responses are well thought out, well written and a pleasure to read.

And so I tip my hat to you JK, on your 500th post. Thank you for your patience and your seemingly limitless support of us rookies.

Rock on,

Very funny, Will. Actually, I just check the forums once or twice a day usually. My studio work space is in a seperate office from the workstation I use for the Internet. We try not to have actual production computers directly connected to the web for security and other considerations. So whenever I get a bit A.D.D. or more often just brain fried doing real work, I get up an change offices and go online to relax. This usually means check my favorite web sites.

Now I have a very strong philosophical feeling when it comes to helping others or just basically doing what I call making positive actions. I believe that there is almost nothing that should be of a higher personal priority. After all when we are “worm food” and gone, it is the things we left as memories that is all that remains. So we all want the bulk of those memories we created with others to be positive. This is why I like making entertainment in the form of movies and cartoons, and why I try to write things that inform people and why I try to be a good community helper. I sure don’t want to be remembered as a jerk or worse. I hope that gives some people a sense to why I spend so much personal time writing and publishing help stuff. I really need to spend more time at my drawing board but as I get older my ability to work for too long a period at the same thing just gets less and less. So I have to get up and do other stuff to keep myself fresh. Besides it is hard to find decent tennis opponents in the middle of the work day. -JK

Well, thanks for doing it, not enough people share your philosophy on life. I’ve learned alot from your posts & blogs as well, and I know I will learn more, so just know your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thanks for being so willing to spill your brain :slight_smile:

You do rock, JK. I think if a book comes out from Peachpit or some other publisher on TBS, you have some great material to get one started.

Thanks for all of it.

me too

thanks for ur all support :slight_smile:


thanks a lot JK!!! :-* :wink:

thanx for so much time spent on writing here, jk.

on the other hand, knowing your theoretical approach, i’m beginning to be curious what is the practical implementation of so much working knowledge. i am speaking for myself but i suppose other users would also like to see your own productions.
i’ve looked a bit on tallgrassradios site, but all i saw were marty’s drawings.

as you’ve presented yourself as an ‘old cartoonist’, can you please show us how you animate, how you draw, how you solve visual tasks?
thanx in advance.

I truly have reached the limit of my patience with you Mr. Gester. You sit there at your computer and snipe at me, criticize me, and basically do your best to start arguments. Time after time you make veiled attempts to pretend to ask questions but you are really just trying to start arguments. I have a difficult time understanding how or why you are so resentful of me. To others reading this, they might wonder why I am responding to this latest thinly disguised attempt this way instead of just playing your games some more. The reason is that this isn’t you asking a friendly question but just another in a long string of your continued efforts to attack me personally. But that is your problem and not mine. So I’m going to state this one and only one time, publicly, I am through with having anything further to do with you. I will no longer respond to you or any of your posts. Please go and find someone else to annoy. I have no interest in your opinions, questions or anything else that you have to say. I use to chalk it up to the fact that we come from different cultures and that you just didn’t realize when you were being rude and combative. But I am afraid that it is a much deeper problem. You know and calculate exactly what you write. If you don’t like me, I’m sorry, I’ve done nothing to you, and I’ve tried to be patient and understanding of your temperament and personality. If my helping and encouraging people offends you, it is beyond my understanding. I owe you absolutely nothing. Please stop attacking me. I have “zero” time or desire to respond to you anymore, period. I will not stop trying to help people here or elsewhere, but this is the last response you are ever going to get from me. Perhaps other people can explain to you why. So from now on you can write, post or say anything you please, you have burned all your bridges with me. Have a nice life. -JK

i only asked you to show us some of your works.
if you see it as an offence it’s not my fault but it gives me something to think.

why do you loose patience on such a simple question? no artist tries to avoid the audience…

ok, i’ve read your last posting carefully and i think i should address some issues there.

first of all: i don’t have any problems, only aims and tasks.

then: as i already said i appreciate your woking knowledge about animation and the time you spend on helping people in it.
the only thing i don’t like about you is your art of posting. you are trying to teach, not to give information, although your knowledge of toonboom studio is not that old, am i right?

i see it as a bit high-nosed, that’s why i tried to ask you to show me you are in the right position to do so. i expected you to astonish me with your art and your works (by the way i like marty’s sketches from the blogs).
that’s all.
if you see any other purpose in it, i’m sorry, you’re wrong.

Yes…JK…you have helped me understand Toon Boom alot more…I’m still trying to get to all of your info on your site.
Thank you for all of your help with out you many people would lost! like me! Keep-up the great work!

Everyone, please try to remember this is not a contest or competition but rather a community of people trying to help other people all so we can have fun and get more from our usage of Toon Boom Studio. Clashes of ideas, styles and opinions are always going to occur. Heaven knows I am often accused of being narrow minded. I always appreciate kind words and up to a point constructive criticisms. It just will be much nicer if we all try to get along. Everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions here,these are open forums. The TBS site administrators are the only moderators but each of us should strive to work and play well with others. Just my own personal opinion so please take it for what it is worth. -JK