Apparent bug when "fading in" an image element

Hi, everyone:

I use Toon Boom 5.0.13592.

I have an image element (created via an import of a PNG file) and wish to “fade it in”.

Fading something in via toon boom is done by using the “Colour Transform Effect” and adjusting the alpha transformation values at keyframes. Unfortunately, while this works fine for DRAWING elements, there appears to be a bug when trying to adjust the alpha channel to transform an IMAGE element… instead of changing the alpha of the image, setting either the mult or add alpha value to their non-default values simply darkens the image by a fixed amount (i.e. the image seems to darken 50% no matter what you set them to)

Is this a known issue? Are other people seeing this? Is this fixed in any more recent builds?

Thank you for any help- I was planning on fading in/out lots of image elements for the animation I’m currently working on and this is a big fly in my ointment.

Using Build 5.0.13834 (Mac)

Works perfectly here with any image file… (png / psd / jpg)
(be aware, to see the effect properly, one has to render the view)


You’re right Nolan!

I was foolishly relying on the “Quick Preview”… once I rendered to QuickTime it looked exactly as I wanted.