AP2 - new network nodes inserted FAR left

as i continue to work on my project, every time i add new drawings, in the network these drawing nodes appear farther away each time, to the left of the main cluster, to the point where it takes me quite a while to pan over and incrementally drag the node over to the others in the network view (i can use the thumbnail navigation box to get to the offset node, but that doesn’t help when moving it back to the node cluster). i can’t really select all of the nodes and use the auto-sort buttons, as i have my network set up in a customized fashion and the default organizing behavior will destroy that painstaking setup.

is there any way to “reset” the network’s origin placement of new nodes/items?

thanks lilly, will try to move the whole network over, hopefully that does the trick. the scripting method may be useful too, but i feel that is unnecessarily complex when the network itself should be keeping the position of new elements at a reasonable distance from one another.

the thing is, i don’t think i ever moved the network, i just built it up radially from where it started, and it kept adding new nodes increasingly to the left as i added new elements to the timeline, now to the point that it is kinda crazy. you may be absolutely correct though, and perhaps i am just forgetting that i moved things at some point.

is there any relationship between the “levels” of the network? i have several groups which are in the network structure, each with its own network – does this encapsulation affect the coordinates of the root network?

i’ll keep working with it and follow up any patterns that i notice.

By default new nodes are created at the origin, so if you moved the whole network over, it would appear as though they are being created off to the side.

It might be easier just to move your network over to that side. Or the other option would be to write a script to add a drawing node - in your script you can define the position to add the node in.


To show this, just create a brand new scene. Open up the network view, then add a few drawing layers in the timeline. You’ll see that the new drawing layers are all added on top of each other at the root (usually right on top of the composite, if you haven’t moved anything).

Inside of a group has its own origin independent of the next level. You can run the same test again inside the group by going inside then creating some drawing layers while inside. You’ll see they’ll all be added on top of each other just above the Multi-Port-Out node.