Anyway to unzip a sbpz file?

Hey folks,

We’ve been running through an issue when saving in packaged files. The software closes properly, but when we open the file it displays a message saying our file didn’t save properly. For this particular file I chose to delete the cache and when I tried to open the file, it displayed an error message “Could Not Open File”.

In the past I would use the backup .sboard file, but when saving a packed file I can’t do that. Is there anyway to “unzip” the packaged file or recover it in some way?


Sant Arellano

It takes time to save a project. If you close the software
before the file is fully saved, it can create a truncated
file that can’t be opened.

It’s recommended that you edit projects only on the
internal hard drive of the system. You can move the
project elsewhere for storage/archiving but only the
internal hard drive is responsive enough to keep-up.