Anyway to speed up lip sync?

So I found out along with alot of other studio users, that if you want an accurate great looking lipsync, its best to do it manually. I moved away from the lip sync editor under sound mapping, and I am using the “CELL” Tab on the default workspace. Its proving to be very effective! However I am wondering if there is a way I can assign my numerical pad to insert the mouth shape in the corresponding cell I am working on.

I love being able to scrub in the timeline, and grab the proper mouth shape from the cell list, I have a ton of mouth shapes for various emotions etc, but it would just make it a breeze if I could scrub the mouse in one hand, and tap the num pad and get the mouth shape and move on to the next.

Currently I have to click on the time line, scrub a cell, listen to the audio, then go to the cell panel and change the mouth shape. Would be 1000 times quicker to scrub with the mouse, hear an “O” mouthshape and hit 6 for the “O” mouthshape to appear in the timeline. Catch my drift? Hope your listening TBS guys!