Anyway to remove/change keyboard defaults?

So I set Zoom to “z” so that if I hold it down it will momentarily swap to the Zoom Tool and I can Zoom in/out as needed and then it will go back to the brush tool as needed.

The problem is there is a “Clear Exposure and Pull” option in the Exposure sheet short cuts and it’s default is set to “Z” and every once in awhile instead of Zooming it cuts what I have in the frame.

It was pretty disconcerting the first time it happened. Now I know to just hit Undo if it happens, but is there anyway to clear the default or change it to something else?

if you find it in the preferences you can just delete it to not have a shortcut attached.

By the way you can use the 1 and 2 keys to zoom in and out.

Also your issue is likly caused by you have the exposure sheet winow selected, not the viewport you are trying to zoom. The selected window has a red line around it.

Thanks for the tip Raider, I’ll probably just remap the scroll wheel on my mouse to 1 and 2.

Odd thing is I don’t have the exposure sheet open anywhere on my work flow… I don’t use it at all. Unless the Timeline counts as the same thing…

Edit: Yeah the same Clear Exposure and Pull option is in the Timeline Shortcuts as well. Guess that’s what I was doing.

Also I had previously cleared the Shortcut for ‘Clear Exposure Sheet and Pull’ and it was still doing it.

Was about to install the mouse software, then I realized I never have the mouse in my hand when I’m using Animate.

Thought I could just map the rocker on the pen to 1,2. And it works but it also sends a click as well. So if it’s on the Brush tool it will give me random dots.

I guess I’ll have to get used to just using 1 and 2.

Realized I could map 1 and 2 to clockwise and counter-clockwise on the touch wheel on the wacom tablet, and it works like a charm.

Would be perfect if it zoomed in on the cursor position.

Sadly that is something that is a current request which you can’t do. I really wish it zoomed at cursor too.