Anyway to get the tool bar under/above the timeline

In animation workspace, into the Default workspace?

The answer your looking for begins at 3:45 mark

No he doesn’t, had a loo through that video.

I’m talking about these icons

That window you’re looking for can be activated whenever you have the camera view on by going to Windows > Toolbars > Camera View. You can also right-click in any empty area next to a toolbar on the top and select Camera View. This won’t show up in the menu options if the camera view is not active.

Also be aware that you can alter what buttons show up in any particular toolbar. You know that you can drag-and-drop a toolbar by clicking and dragging on the two lines to the left-hand side of the toolbar. Also be aware that if you right-click these two lines and select Customize, then you’ll be able to add or remove buttons from the toolbar.

Hope this helps.

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To match Lilly’s reply, you can watch the following video:
Chapter 4: About the interface