Anyone want a discount on Animate Pro 2?

Sorry if I shouldn’t be posting this here and I hope I’m not breaking any forum rules, but it would be a shame if anyone missed out on this…

Toon Boom have given me the opportunity to pass on a huge discount of $800 to three people who buy Animate Pro 2. If you’re interested PM me, but do is soon because it has to be before April 30th!

This is a special referral program they are running to promote the release of Animate Pro 2, and if I refer three people I get Storyboard Pro for free (yay!) but even if I didn’t get anything out of it I would still pass this on. I know that Animate Pro is a bit out of some people’s price range and this is a great chance to snap it up alot cheaper. I myself saved and saved for Animate Pro and I’m not disappointed one bit with my decision to buy it!

I should add that this is for people who are buying Animate Pro at the full retail price, not upgrading or crossgrading.

I would probably crossgrade to animate pro for a couple of hundred but i am just a hobbyist.

I would also make tutorials (are you listening Lilly in toonbooms interest to get me a copy of animate2 pro!) to go with the ones I have done.

I’ve had a few people ask me if the discount is off the full retail price of $1999 or the special pre-order price of $1499 (which I just realised Toon Boom are now selling it for).

With the discount (PM me if you’re interested) you can purchase Animate Pro 2 for $1199, which is a saving of $300 off the special pre-order price and $800 off the full retail price. I hope that clears up any confusion. :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed Raider, I would LOVE to see you do some Animate Pro tutes! ;D


just a hint to toonboom since it would be in their best interests (as well as mine :wink: ) if that was to happen (they know my email if interested :smiley: :smiley: ).

I have a particles one ready to upload to youtube so I will post the link for that tomorrow. It is just a basic how too for now. I will probably do a follow up with an actual proper scene example (maybe rain and/or snow on the first scene from my tutorials).

I am much happier with the youtube quaility now when you turn it up, gets rid of nearly all the blur).

TheRaider, why don’t you go ahead and send an email to and let them know that you’d like to do some tutorials for Animate Pro and get it for a discounted price. I am humbly only a tech support person and can’t personally help you to get any discounted software. :slight_smile: However the sales team is very accomodating with different people’s needs.

Toon Boom Support

Thank I will try that :slight_smile:

Can’t do any harm.

Yeah Raider, give it a go! Like you said, it can’t hurt. I just checked out the ‘what’s new in Animate Pro 2’ videos on YouTube and I’m so excited I might just explode! I’m going to need someone to show me how to use the new features though… hint hint… :wink:

In general there is so much more you do in animate and animate pro than people realise on face value.

Initially it doesn’t look like that much more than studio when it is.

Like the whole particles in animate I had no idea existed. So much so I am not even sure if it is an animate or animate 2 feature. I am going to look at maybe making a script (no idea cause I haven’t looked for documentation) to make the particles much easier to use. It be cool to be able to do a swarm or something.

My new computer should finally arrive soon which should give me a much better experience with animate.

$1199 is a fantastic price but unfortunately, it is still out of my range right now :’( I just noticed the Artist inside, and True Vision features that made me salivate. The 3D Stereoscopic feature made me pass out.

I hope I am ready when the promos (if any) for crossgrading are announced.

I wish Toonboom had a pay as you go, you know you pay a monthly fee for using it, kind of like a subscription, until you pay it off. If you don’t pay for that month your license is cut. Just wishful thinking since I can’t afford it, til then I will keep saving up for it but I know it wouldn’t make good sense business wise.

If you email and let them know that you’re interested in doing a payment plan, then they can certainly set that up for you.

Toon Boom Support

The promotional price of $1499 is supposed to end in two days, but you’ve got until April 30th to buy it for $1199 if you PM me for the code :slight_smile:

One down, two to go… :smiley:

Oh, so the regular crossgrade price is $1199? Ok now I have a target.

Can U give promotion code to me? ;D

Private message sent to you Yae :slight_smile:

Close, i think the regular crossgrade price will be $1299 when the promotion is over :slight_smile:

payment plan???

WHOA! when did they start doing that?


Just a reminder that here’s only a few days left, April 30th is the deadline… PM me if your interested :slight_smile: