Anyone using ToonBoom Studio 8.1 with Windows XP?

I just downloaded the 15 day trial, ver 8.0 and installed it on my Win XP 32 Pro with SP3 machine and it seems to work fine. It’s a 4 core AMD CPU running at 4.1 Ghz,

Before I buy version 8.1 is anyone else using the program on an XP machine?

The specs say it has to be Win 7 or 8 but I don’t wish to buy a 32 bit version of Windows 7 if XP works fine.

Is it true that ToonBoom Studio is only a single threaded application? When I look at CPU activity it seems like ToonBoom is using at least 2 of my 4 cores.

If the trial runs fine on your system that is how the purchased version will run on your system. I don’t think there is any difference between the .0 and .1 except the freedom of it not being the trial with all of its restrictions.

After trying the trial I purchased Animate Pro 3 and run it on a system that does not meet the minimum requirements.

Note: I am on a Mac, I am a hobbyist and do not push the envelope but the system has not been an issue.

I tried the Studio trial, purchased it then quickly decided to upgrade to Animate Pro once I saw that it would work on my system. Among other things, with everything being more refined it is easier to learn compared to the comparatively basic Studio even though Studio has less about it to learn. Studio does not run as efficiently. I don’t think it is optimized. As you would expect, the tools get jobs done but not as well as in AP.