Anyone using the Cintiq Hybrid?

Hi there,
I have recently been wondering whether I want to stick with my iMac setup for Harmony w/ my Intuos3 (old school), or sell my iMac and pick up the Cintiq Hybrid to connect to my MacBook Pro. Anyone have experience with a similar setup? I did find a post about folks successfully using the Cintiq Companion, but I’m interested in doing sketch work in the Android mode, then hooking up to my laptop with the Hybrid.

I think the pros are that it’s a Cintiq and you get that great ability to draw right on the screen. The mobility factor is also enticing.

The con here is that I would no longer have a large screen to work on, or an iMac which is upgradeable, compared to my MBP (the RAM is soldered in).

Thanks in advance for any input!