Anyone using the cintiq companion. I Need help with touch gestures setup

I’m using a Cintiq companion that I updated to win 8.1

Harmony works great but I’m new to this tablet and touch screens in general. I was in the wacom cintiqs settings and I tried to set up the touch portion for harmony and I tried both wacom and windows gestures and 2 finger gestures didn’t work at all. I can program shortcuts for gestures but not the way I think touch is supposed to work ??? I checked preferences and couldn’t find any option for it like in SBP4. Other programs in windows work correctly with gestures. If anyone has any idea what I need to do? or is this normal behavior.

I have installed storyboard pro 4.1 and 2 finger gestures works perfectly so there must be a setting I’m not finding for harmony???

I also installed Studio 8.1 and there is no touch gestures so maybe harmony is the same way, if anyone knows please let me know.

Thanks Gerry

Hey Gerry

I use Harmony on the Cintiq Companion and the current version doesn’t support touch gestures like Storyboard Pro 4.1 does. I’ve talked with Reps at Toon Boom and this will be coming in Harmony 11.

Thats what I was thinking. thank you

Is there a release date scheduled for 11 yet?