Anyone using Advanced Art Modes?

I’m very new to ToonBoom Animate or TBA as I’ve seen it mentioned for short.

I’ve got over 20 years experience in digital animation and editing:
After Effects, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quantel Hal, Quantel Henry, Discreet Logic Flame… ad infinitum.

I’ve got 5 years experience in the booming field of Usability Design (UX). So I have a decent background in helping those developing software so that is designed with a good work flow.

The video 06DrawingBasics.mp4 mentions Advanced Art Modes (AAM) at timecode 00:12:00 but doesn’t explain why it’s useful to use. She just says it allows flexibility but doesn’t explain how.

It doesn’t seem to work with the Close Gap tool but I think I’ve figured it out but I can’t test it because I’ve got another problem. Now every time I draw a line using the brush tool it disappears immediately after finishing. Only pencil lines remain.

I did find some info on AAM this Read Me PDF that comes with “ANI3 Sample Scene Minotaur Animation” :

It says the flexibility comes from using the Repaint tool which I’ve never used. Googling and searching Toonboom Docs “ToonBoom Animate Repaint tool” yields only info about the Paint tool.

I remember seeing in TBA’s training video a quick demo on what Repaint does, but I can’t find it again. All it does is recolor a paint area retaining it’s existing color edges.

  1. I don’t get why this Repaint is so useful that it deserves all this added complexity from Advanced Art Modes. Especially seeing that the training and usability aren’t well introduced or implemented. If you’ve got to restart the program to use it, then it seems like a half-hearted attempt to integrate it’s workflow. Since it’s adding all these invisible sub-layers you’d think it’s real important and it would be seamlessly integrated into the workflow.

  2. Why not include a downloadable transcript of all those videos so I can do a keyword search and find stuff. It’s crazy that Toonboom created such an extensive library of video but has no index or way to search keywords in transcripts. So they’ve done all this work but in actuality because they didn’t follow through with a searchable index of some sorts they’ve negated the purpose. Take a cue from right?

It’s been a day and half down blind alleys trying to see if Advanced Art Modes is worth using. Is it useful for anything?

Once I’ve disabled Advanced Art Modes and reopened the project, I can’t select, edit or delete the fills created in Advanced Art Modes. Any suggestions?

Thank you Mr Scott! Those links are extremely useful.

I’ve got the color and line and maybe other various parts of a character on separate layers stacked up at the same time position. I’m thinking I need to consolidate each character on one layer because I need to reorder the poses.

But this seems problematic.

As mentioned if I drag a drawing it repeats. But if I try to delete and retype the drawing number in the X-sheet I get and error:

“Invalid value ( ) for this column due to case sensitivity conflict.”

How do I avoid this whole mess?

I know the basics of Advanced Art Modes. I’ve seen the video explanations in:

I’ve been told to avoid Advanced Art Modes until I get more experience. So it seems if I can learn a efficient workflow in the timeline I’d be better off at this point.

TBAnimate v3 user since Jan 2014

Not necessarily… working on many different layers is the essence of doing cut-out animation…
Doing frame by frame animation… one layer might be sufficient…?

Renaming drawings… use underscore_for_gaps… no unnecessary characters “/;’…