Anyone use Harmony with iPad Pro?

In my perfect world, I’d get a great new computer and Cintiq, but that’s just not affordable for me. So, I’m looking at getting an iPad Pro. Does Harmony work well (or at all) on the new iPad Pro? It seems to meet all minimum requirements. I saw some older discussions (4+ years ago) saying that the iPad didn’t with Harmony unless you used an app called Astropad with a desktop/laptop running the software and the ipad acting as a drawing tablet/display. Is this still necessary?

Harmony is not available for the iPad (iPadOS).
Yes, you would need a desktop/laptop in order to use Harmony.

Hello, I am not an expert but I just want to say that Yes, Harmony runs on the new iPad Pro and it works quite well. Harmony’s minimum system requirements include iOS 13.0 or later, which is supported by the latest iPad Pro models. You should be able to install and run Harmony directly on your iPad Pro without the need for additional software like Astropad.

That being said, Astropad is still a useful app if you want to use your iPad Pro as a drawing tablet/display with Harmony running on a desktop or laptop. Astropad allows you to connect your iPad Pro to your computer and use it as a second screen with full pressure sensitivity and touch controls. This can be especially useful if you have a more powerful desktop or laptop that can handle more complex Harmony projects.

Overall, you should be able to use Harmony directly on your iPad Pro without any issues, but if you want to use it in combination with a desktop or laptop, Astropad is still a useful option to consider.

Harmony is not available for iPadOS.