Anyone tried doing storyboards/animatics in Animate

Just curious, has anyone ever tried to make sb and animatics in Animate? I know StoryBoard pro is the ideal program but what if you can’t afford it?

I just Purchased animate and I think the tools and features might actually be more practical for creating sb’s and animatics than it is on Storyboard pro. Except for the PDF output which is AWESOME.

Also, As far as I know you cannot rig a character in animate and then take it into Storyboard pro. So if you make your storyboard in animate you can just drag your character right onto the stage. Heck I’m sure we all put up with trying to make them in flash and you all know how much fun that is.

Anyone have an opinion about this?

yeah i have and it works. However I just got storyboard pro and the animatic time was drastically cut.

before I got storyboard pro, I made several dozen animatics in animate so it does a good job but not as efficient as storyboard pro.
well thats my opinion.

I figured that, but I have no choice, Stpryboard Pro is miles to expensive. Thanks for sharing that though, I will begin saving my pennies for it.