Anyone seen the Animate tutorials by Michael Rhodes?

I just watched the Creating Characters using MangaStudio and Animate, tutorial and you know what? it was actually pretty good. He uses Manga for the Roughs and then Animate for nitty gritty stuff.

Plus the video quality on Vimeo is so superior to YouTube IMO, I don’t know why people don’t use it more.

Anyways, Michael has another Animate tutorial called Building Character using Animate.

I got the link from the Create better Flash Animation Blog, and although I visit that site regularly I had never noticed it. ::slight_smile: Can’t hurt to check it out if you haven’t already.

I use youtube because it reaches more people and if you become popular it is possible to get paid to put ads on your videos.

It will also serve as good cross advertising for any animations i do.

Vimeo makes you pay if you upload too many and your restricted to one HD a month as a free user.

Speaking of that now I am all set up again I need to make some more tutorials.

Oh I see, nothing wrong with trying to make some Flow.
what tuts do you have in mind?

thats a pretty neat-o tutorial in more ways than one. I also use Manga Studio Ex… it’s a good application for a number of reasons. Kind of the best of both the Vector and Bitmaps worlds. Thanks for the link!!

You welcome, I have never tried Manga Studio but have heard alot of great things about it. I agree about the tutorial, it is pretty long but he covers everything from sketch to rig, pretty cool if you ask me and what alot of us have asked for.

There is lots i want to do-
More scripting
Doing something with particles
Character creation focusing on animate, so the character won’t be anything special. Just a big smiley with arms and legs (so there are essentially only 2 joints elbows and knees so that I can do them fast enougth on camera). I really like the idea of doing lip sync with it using all 3 methods to gradually improve the lip sync.

Thanks for posting this. I’ve seen this video but it’s been a while. I’ve been using Manga Studio for about 4 months now to produce my webcomic, I really like it. Saves a ton of steps, I was using 3 different apps to get a comic ready for publication before MS. I haven’t used it in the work flow of using Animate, I’ll go back and see if it will help in that process.

Michael Rhodes does a good job on his tutorials. I just watched all of them and they give a solid foundation in the Animate 2 program with some goods tips not found elsewhere.