Anyone live near Atlanta?

I live in Augusta Georgia (2 hours East of Atlanta) and am trying to learn ToonBoom to help my son, who wants to be an animator. The tutorials are kicking my butt! I am borderline learning-disabled, so that doesn’t help. But I’m willing to drive a bit to take my son to see exactly how to physically “click, drag, view,” etc. from anyone who can actually use most of the ToonBoom features (even a little bit). I just cannot learn the more technical things without showing me step-by-step EXACTLY what to do. I’m retired Army and not some criminal or con artist. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thank you

unfortunately I’m about 1000 miles north… so I doubt you’re up for the drive, but my next project is going to be doing a few more tutorials that really start from square one. I know the last one I did assumed a certain amount of knowledge, so it probably wasn’t too helpful in your case, but I hope that after the next few “prequals” it will make better sense.

I’d give you some kind of timeframe to expect them but I don’t want to make a liar out of myself. I’ve been doing a lot more home renovating than cartooning lately & have a bunch more to do. What I would ask of you in the meantime is to let me know as specifically as possible what aspects of the program you’re having trouble with. If you can give me a list of problems it will make it much easier for me to gear the tutorials toward them, & hopefully get you & your son on track.

Aside from that I would direct you to JK’s blogs. They have very specific info, just not in video form, but he’s been adding lots of screenshots lately which definitely help.

As always, keep asking questions, we’ll do our best to give helpful answers.

Thanks, I’ll try the screenshot approach. While driving around today, I had a great idea. The telephone! If I can get a ToonBoomer to bring up their computer screen while I bring up mine, they can talk me through things via the phone (like tech support folk do). Of course I’ll pay for the call.