Anyone know how to turn on the blue arrows for scrubbing Onion Skin on the Timeline?

I have randomly lost the blue arrows on the timeline for scrubbing Onion Skin exposure. I can change the exposure in the onion skin menu box, but it unfortunately only seems to allow up to 10 frames. I need to be able to stretch onion skin over hundreds of frames. I used to be able to stretch the blue arrows on the timeline as long as i needed to, but now they seem to be gone. I’m not sure if this is a glitch or a setting I have missed. Any help will be greatly appreciated

If you click and hold on the Onion Skin icon in the Tools toolbar it will give you the options for “Show Onion Skin” and “Show Advanced Onion Skin.” The “Show Onion Skin” option should give you the handles. Maybe you are using the Advanced option? That one uses the sliders in the Onion Skin window to set it up - 10 before and 10 after.

I had the same problem, but I think I fixed it. Somehow I accidentally enabled “Onion Skinning by Drawing” under View > Onion Skin. I’m not sure how that works but the arrows came back when I disabled it. Hope that helps.