Anyone know how to clear up tons of control points?

I’ve tried everything (except manual deletion) and can’t find a way to clear up sections of a drawing that has too many control points in it. I think the reason MAY be that sections which are colored, having their own points, are joined together with lines points, so the two combined adds up to a ton of control points - am i correct?

Sometimes i come across a tangled mess, select the area, click on either Remove Extra Strokes, Smoothing, or one other i can’t remember, and they either delete just a few of them, rearrange my lines, add a few more, or do nothing at all.

So does anyone know how i can clean up my lines without rearranging them to drastically?

Mucho thanks for any help…


Got it. Thanks man. Yeah i guess i’ll just have to start being more careful then when drawing my lines. AUGHHH! At least i know a little better of what to do and not do now. Thanks again!|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%204%3A%20Drawing|Smoothing%20Lines|_____0

Hey thanks Nolan. Well, I’ve already tried using the smooth tool. What i’m wanting - and this may not even be possible unless manually deleting them - is to delete the points WITHOUT changing the position of the lines. When you use the Smooth tool it works great and all, but it rearranges the lines to some degree. I’m wanting to delete the points without affecting what i’ve already drawn. QUESTION: if i use the Brush tool instead of the Pencil i can draw say a complex drawing without worrying later i’ll have too many points, since it’s bitmap based, correct??

Thanks again…

Smooth tool is probably the best way to do it because it keeps the integrity of the shape intact. Manually deleting control points is both more time consuming and if you delete the wrong control point, it can drastically change the shape (granted there IS an undo button).

Alternately for cleanup some animators prefer to trace the original to another element using the light table. It depends on the context and complexity of the drawing. Remember that the “smoother” the drawing gesture, the less control points will be made initially when creating the line.