Anyone heard about "Error code -6001" ?

I use TBS v.6 but recently I boughty an upgrade to v.7
I downloaded v.7 from my memberacount page at but When trying to install the Installshieldwizard appears and gives following information:

Setup has experienced an error.
Please do the following.
-Close any running programs.
-Empty your temporary folder.
-Check your internet connection (internet-based setups)
Then try to run the Setup again.

Error code: -6001

I have followed the three steps above and yet I recieve the same message.
Plz, help me…
I dont know what to do…

You should try disabling your antivirus program which may be trying to block the install. If that doesn’t do it, create a new administrator user account on your system and try installing from that user account. If you’re still blocked,
try uninstalling your antivirus and re-installing it after TBS is installed.

Often even when disabled through their own interface, many antivirus programs still keep actively blocking things on the system.