Anyone got any tips for vanishing points when Morphing?

I am trying to morph a head from frontways, to sideways.
I have 3 drawings, Front, 3Quater and Side. I have morphed front to 3 quater, and 3 quater to side, except some things, like the eyes and eyebrows, do not morph correctly going from 3quater to side, due to the vanishing point.

Does anyone have any advice?


First, is your head only one drawing or do you have several layers?
I highly recommend doing it in several layers.

Then, instead of having no drawing strokes in your destination drawing, I recommend you draw something very very think. Squish your source design as much as possible and then, you can nudge the piece on the Z axis over time when it make sense.

I send you here an example I had created a very long time ago.

The link will expire Oct 15.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


That is correct yeah. I have the eyes and eyebrows, and all other facial features on separate layers.
On the 3quarter view, the right eyebrow has vanished slightly, leaving it with no line on the edge, I had tried adding a line on the edge, so it could possibly merge with the face line in the sideview, but didn’t seem to work.

Thank you for the file, I shall take a look and try to study it.

Thank you.

if you have pro look up the manual on morphing. There is some extra features to help handle this situation.