Anyone good at drawing Pokemon? I need some rigs.

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone is good at drawing pokemon, Like, really good. I need Teddiursa and Piplup and Vulpix and basically all the pokemon or at least the best main regions. But I mostly need Teddirsa, Piplup, And Vulpix, And all their evolved forms. I’m using Harmony.

You’ve already asked this here:

And people were more than patient with you. I know you say that you’re quite young, but here’s the truth: No one will do this for you for free. I have other things I could be rigging for myself that I would be more fun than things that you want me to rig.

There were tutorials suggested in that other thread. There were also other programs suggested in the other thread, since if you can’t afford to pay someone to rig, you can’t afford Harmony.

I’d suggest you re-read them.

(Thank you for putting this thread in the correct board this time, instead of feature requests.)

No, I didn’t ask for these ones. I asked for someone who is good at drawing Pokemon. But that’s fine. And your welcome.

You’re right, you didn’t ask for these specific rigs. But you did as for a rig, and people already pointed out that A) rigging takes time and B) you can learn to do it yourself.

Art costs money, even though drawing is fun to do, because art takes a lot of effort to get any good at. It is frequently undervalued (as you have done here) but it shouldn’t be. There’s a reason you’re asking other people to both draw and rig these for you, it’s because it is a skill that takes time to learn.

My experience is worth money.

Since you have said you’re young, I’m not sure if I could actually accept money from you. I don’t think any agreement we entered in to would be legal, and I would have to deal with your parents.

So I would, once again, encourage you to learn how to do this yourself. There are tutorials, and you will be a much, much better animator if you know how to rig. Half of making a good animation scene is re-rigging the character so that it can accomplish what is needed in the scene.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, I just want to be level with you. What you’re asking is probably not going to happen. You might be able to attract a collaborator to your project by posting (probably not here?) storyboards, designs, concept art, scripts etc that you’ve done. Show people you’re serious about your project.

ALSO having worked on a show with approximately a million characters, with a million outfit changes and non-symmetrical designs (so we had to rig each view separately, you can’t just flip because suddenly details are on the wrong side) I will tell you: Focus on the smallest cast you can get away with. Narrow it down. Figure out what you need for NOW (ie: not all the evolutions, because that takes time to happen) and work on that.

Don’t expect free art because you asked, but good luck learning how to do it yourself.

No one is going to make these for you, especially for some kid with 0 experience and previous work. Drawing/rigging is not easy, and there is no way you would be able to animate well with said rigs even if you had them. Take it easy, slow down and learn to draw first and the basics of animation. You are trying to get ahead a 1000 steps because you want to produce stuff, but without said basics your future works will heavily suffer and look hideous, i’ve seen countless people who rushed into it without starting at the bottom and they all suck and never went anywhere.

Excuse me, I been animation since i was 8, and not to toot my own horn but I’m pretty good at drawing. Some people can be nice and do it for you, I’t happens. And I know how to animate, I just won’t make rigs then and take my time. I’ve learned how to draw and already made 4 of my characters, You can see them here If you follow me… I’m always making flipbooks every now and then. You can see those here although they won’t look that good cause I’m using a mouse Int’l I get a drawing tablet for my PC. I been waiting long enough and I wan’t to make my own fan made pokemon show. I’t dosn’t haft to look amazing. I’m only 13. I wan’t to live my dream. I was just asking if anyone was willing to rig a couple characters for me.

Yeah, I guess your right. Thanks.

I can see your heart is in the right place but there’s 0 understanding of any weight/motion/timing/staging/etc in these, this has nothing to do with drawing with mouse (and a tablet won’t help if you can’t draw to begin with, which you cant right now). You really need to start from scratch and learn basics of drawing/perspective/life drawing, and then basics of animation via something like animators survival guide. You do seem like you wanna get somewhere so do try, but put your head in the right place and learn the hard basics or your work will not look good nor draw any attention from anyone. As far as age consider this: piemations is 17 and the stuff he did at 13 had at least a basic understanding of the above and thus multi million view animations.

As far as rigging, no professional is going to help you for free, people at that level don’t do things like that out of kindness, it’s just a waste of time and while it sounds mean you have to understand how much time and effort goes into drawing/designing actual rigs that work well. Also considering the high cost of harmony, only high end animators use it really.

I do know the basics of drawing, and I used harmony before, I watched tutorials too. I made an animation in there and it already has almost a hundred views. I know I can do it. And it’s not just for other people to watch, it’s also my friends. I been waiting to get a drawing tablet for a long time. I can’t get over for Christmas because I already am getting something expensive. I just want to do what I want to do. What I’m happy doing. I’ll work hard and learn int’l I officially can make my own studio when I’m an adult. That’s my dream.