Anyone buying Animate Pro 2? I have a HUGE Discount...

Hello, I’m visiting from the Animate forums to see if anyone is wanting to buy Animate Pro 2 anytime soon? I have a discount code that I’m happy to give to two people who PM me which allows you to buy it for $1199. Currently Toon Boom are selling Animate Pro 2 at a special price of $1799 (RRP $1999) and you can cross-grade from Animate for $1199. But I’m offering the full, non-academic version for the same price as the crosss-grade price. If you’ve been saving for up for Animate Pro for a loooooong time (like i did!) it’s a great chance to grab it cheap. Just PM me and I’ll give you the code absolutely free :slight_smile:

If I refer three people I get a complimentary copy of Storyboard Pro, so now you know what’s in it for me :wink:

I can only offer the codes until 30th April though, so be quick!