Anybody really try out the bitmap brushes, yet?

So, Toon Boom Harmony 11 came out a while ago and one of their new, biggest features is the bitmap brushes. But has anyone really tried them out, yet ? If their comparable to Photoshop at all, then the whole process of having to import images for backgrounds would be eliminated ! But as I said, I haven’t really heard anything from anyone to make me believe this is the case just yet. Anyone have any insight on this, at this point ?

The brushes work really well actually. I’m still getting used to how they behave as they’re not quite the same as in other programs such as Photoshop and TvPaint.

If you take the time to familiarize yourself with them and explore the customization features there’s no doubt you’ll be able to use Harmony as a 1-STOP Shop.

I’m not a great BG artist but here’s something I completed recently in Harmony 11:

Experimentation is the key. I’m looking forward to how the bitmap features evolve since we’re still fairly early in this version (11.1).

When v11 came out I created several bitmap (raster) brushes using Gimp textures. It was fairly painless as far as these things go. I particularly like having the ability to make some layers raster and some vector in the same drawing node. That’s great for things like textured highlights.

Not meant to impress anyone, but here’s my new avatar done with Harmony 11 bitmap brushes.

If it can replace Photoshop to do backgrounds, I suppose it depend on the intended result and if you’re willing to change your workflow. I think it’s meant to be seen as an alternative more than as a replacement. If you make your BGs on Harmony you won’t need to import images and you can apply Harmony effects directly as you draw and paint. If you prefer to import a psd you’ll have a whole set of options from Photoshop or other software specialized in illustration only.

The most important, I think, is that currently with Harmony you can have a very sophisticated end result without using Photoshop or After Effects.

NICE avatar :slight_smile:

Not bad!