Anybody here use autodesk Sketchbook Pro?

Is anybody using sketchbook pro or has used it before?

How do you find the tools compared to drawing tools of TBS?

How do compare the “feel” drawing with sketchbook pro compared to TBS?

If you use TBS to animate is it possible to draw in Sketchbook and import to TBS …if so How?

Thanks for the feed back.

I’ve used the demo. Definitely digital- but definitely nice. However, being trained in Fine Artists, I do like ArtRage better. It has unbelievable textures of pencil, crayon, ink, paint, water color - beautiful.

You can import sequential images into ToonBoom. See the tutorial how to import-

Yes. I use Sketchbook Pro frequently to work on new character designs, comic strip panel layouts etc. It’s drawing tools are very different from TBS. First off it’s not a vector based drawing program, it more like drawing in Photoshop. I often do my rough sketches in Sketchbook Pro and import them into Illustrator to “ink” those roughs. I find Sketchbook Pro a very natural feeling drawing environment and yes, you can produce key drawing there and import them as images into TBS. -JK

OK …I did not know Sketchbook was not vector based …that may explains why when I enlarge or reduce drawings it doesn’t maintain the level of clarity/detail.

I am using the SB demo and drawing with it feels great …very natural …and they have some tools that I think would make TBS better (for example the symmetry tool).

I did import the drawings to TBS and was only able to do so as images. What I was hoping is …I could draw in SB and import to TBS but not as images. Import as regular TBS drawings where you can’t make simple changes to the drawings as if they were drawn in TBS.

I not very thrilled with TBS drawing environment and tools, so I’m demoing SB …and also demoing TBS storyboard as well. TBS-Storyboard however seems pretty much the same as TBS.

I like TBS animation work flow and all the tools they have setup to make whole scale changes to scenes if needed. Seems I loose this flexibility if I can only import from SB as images.

Question: Since you have SB …one feature I can’t seem to find is smoothing of the pen/pencil stroke. I can’t believe they don’t have this …do you know where this is in SB?

I’ll give this a try …thanks.

Smoothing is a functionality that is often applied in vector drawing software. As a general rule you won’t find smoothing in raster based drawing environments. There is no smoothing functionality in Sketchbook Pro.

As to it’s value as a part of a potential TBS workflow, you might want to approach it as a comfortable rough drawing tool for planning and doing the early stages of a sequence. I often draw an entire character animation rough sequence in Sketchbook Pro. It has a feature that lets you use the Page-Up and Page-Down keys to move between documents in a sequence. This gives you the ability to “flip” between drawings and you can insert in-between drawings into a sequence to work out timing issues and smooth out actions just by the way you name your document files. Once you have your action working the way you want it, you can import the sequence of images into TBS and on a separate layer you “ink” and clean-up those drawing and further enhance the animation. TBS is a good tool for inking and clean up and coloring, and particularly great for animation camera work; what most people find difficult is doing rough sketching in a natural fluid way in TBS. Raster based drawing tools are probably better or at least seem more natural for loose sketching which is nice for developing organically smooth animation. Eventually I suspect TBS or Animate will get a raster drawing layer enhancement and that would be a nice improvement (sketch in raster and ink in vector) but in the meantime Sketchbook Pro is a low cost alternative. It’s a more complex workflow doing it that way and perhaps a bit more work but it provides a very flexible alternative. -JK